Brad Foote Purchases Gear Manufacturing Systems


Brad Foote Gear Works Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Broadwind Energy Inc., has purchased 14 additional advanced gear manufacturing systems from Hofler Co., Ettlingen, Germany.

Brad Foote's total investment exceeds $30 million and brings the number of Hofler machines the company owns to 29. With the new equipment, Brad Foote's annual production will grow from the current equivalent of 2,000 MW of installed wind turbine capacity to more than 5,000 MW, the company says.

The new grinding/gashing machines, which are used in manufacturing wind turbine gear systems, will be installed in Brad Foote's two manufacturing facilities in Cicero, Ill. According to Hofler, Brad Foote now has the largest worldwide concentration of Hofler wind turbine gear manufacturing equipment at any one site.

‘This capital expansion demonstrates Broadwind's increasing commitment to supporting wind development growth in the North American market,’ says Broadwind CEO J. Cameron Drecoll. ‘It is Broadwind's intent to be ahead of the growth curve and solidify the supply chain for our wind energy customers.’

Brad Foote also has purchased the largest Hofler 4-meter internal/external hobber/gasher that Hofler has ever produced, according to the companies.

SOURCE: Broadwind Energy Inc.

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