BNSFL, Tri Global Team Up On West Texas Wind Energy Logistics Center


Logistics services provider BNSF Logistics (BNSFL) and renewable energy project developer Tri Global Energy (TGE) have completed a formal joint marketing agreement to support BNSFL's development of its West Texas Wind Energy Logistics Center (WTWLC).

TGE says its investment and commitment to directing project activity through the WTWLC has enabled BNSFL to be more aggressive in development plans and timelines. A site has been selected that is strategically situated in the heart of TGE's proposed project plans, and development is under way. TGE says it has 16 planned wind projects in various stages of development and has more than 640,000 acres under lease for current and future project development.

The initial stage of the WTWLC calls for development of 40 acres, though BNSFL holds the option on the entire 200-acre site. When fully developed, the site will be receiving, storing and loading out hundreds of turbine components each month via rail and truck, according to the companies. Although the services and capacity of the WTWLC will be available to the entire wind energy sector, the companies say TGE will enjoy some distinct benefits for their "early adopter" status.

"Aligning the infrastructure, resources and vision that BNSFL has for capacity and service to the wind energy industry with TGE, a preeminent developer in the dynamic West Texas region, will allow us to fast-track development and ultimately deliver the improved economies that the industry covets," says BNSF Logistics Chief Marketing Officer Jim Craig.

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