Blumenthal Plans To Seek Standards For Connecticut Wind Farms


Before leaving the office of Connecticut attorney general, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., announced that the state must develop standards to regulate wind farm developments in order to protect the environment and quality of life, while promoting green energy projects.

Blumenthal said new green energy projects are critical but must be sited appropriately to avoid significant damage to the environment or quality of life in the region. After meeting with representatives from Save Prospect and FairWindCT, Blumenthal stated that the state lacks adequate standards to address a surge of proposed wind turbines.

These groups are fighting wind turbine developments, including a plan by BNE Energy Inc. to build 400-foot turbines in Colebrook, North Canaan and Prospect. The groups are concerned about the impact on natural resources, noise pollution and quality of life, according to Blumenthal.

‘Wind turbine farms may be well intended, but should also be well sited,’ he said. ‘Green energy will undermine its purpose if we fail to develop sound standards to protect against damage to the environment and quality of life. Clear standards will provide certainty to businesses seeking to build wind farms in Connecticut, encouraging their development in sites that meet those standards.’

Blumenthal said that he plans to work with state legislators and citizens groups to develop sound principles for the siting of renewable energy projects.

SOURCE: Office of the Attorney General

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