Bill To Ease Wind Power Regulations In Nebraska Moves Forward


A bill that would ease regulations regarding the installation of wind turbines in Nebraska has advanced through the state legislature, reports the Journal Star. If passed into law, the bill could make Nebraska more attractive for future wind power projects.

Despite having the third-highest potential for wind power generation in the U.S., Nebraska has lagged behind states such as Iowa and Texas due to regulations enforced by the Nebraska Power Review Board. Nebraska’s publicly owned utility, the Nebraska Public Power System, provides energy for over 600,000 residents in 86 of the state’s 91 counties, making it the largest energy provider in the state.

If the bill, L.B.824, is passed, it would eliminate the requirement to apply to the Nebraska Power Review Board, which could make the state more attractive to wind power companies. Nebraska currently has just 16 wind farms generating approximately 812 MW, compared with 6,300 MW of wind power generation in neighboring Iowa. The bill passed its most recent vote with 34 in favor and just eight opposed.

A final vote on the bill is expected next week.

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