BayWa Subsidiary Humming Along On Beethoven Wind Construction


BayWa Subsidiary Humming Along On Beethoven Wind Construction Work related to the construction of a 79.55 MW wind farm in South Dakota continues to progress.

Beethoven Wind LLC, a subsidiary of San Diego-based developer BayWa r.e. Wind, has mechanically completed all work related to the 79.55 MW Beethoven wind farm, located in Charles Mix, Bon Homme and Hutchinson counties, S.D.

The project will be powered by 43 GE 1.85 MW turbines, according to Florian Zerhusen, BayWa r.e. Wind's CEO and president, adding that at this point, all the turbines are mechanically complete.

Zerhusen told NAW that he anticipates the project will achieve commercial operation at the end of April, following synchronization and commissioning. Construction on the project began in 2013 under B&H Wind, which sold the wind farm to BayWa r.e. Wind last year.

GE will provide operations and maintenance support through a five-year service agreement. This is the first turbine supply agreement signed between GE and the developer.

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