Baseball Team Buys Renewable Energy


The Center for Resource Solutions, based in San Francisco, recently announced that the Philadelphia Phillies are the first Major League Baseball team to join Green-e Marketplace by purchasing enough Green-e Certified renewable energy to meet the annual electricity needs for its stadium, Citizens Bank Park.

The team purchased 2 million MWh of Green-e Energy certified renewable energy certificates from WindStreet Energy. As a member of Green-e Marketplace, the Philadelphia Phillies can now display the Green-e logo.

‘By buying Green-e certified renewable energy, the Phillies can be certain that our purchase promotes greater renewable energy development,’ says David Montgomery, Phillies president. ‘This purchase, through our 'Red Goes Green' program, is another step in raising awareness among baseball fans – with the ultimate goal of establishing a cleaner, greener environment.’

SOURCE: Center for Resource Solutions

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