AXYS WindSentinel Survives Major Storm Off Portugal Coast


AXYS Technologies says a WindSentinel floating LIDAR system deployed off the coast of Portugal recently survived a major storm.

According to the company, the system endured gale-force winds with gusts of over 90 km/hr and waves 10 meters high on Oct. 16. Nonetheless, AXYS says, the WindSentinel remained on station and fully operational.

The LIDAR system was deployed earlier this year as part of EDP Inovacao's Demowfloat project, which aims to test and monitor the performance of a floating wind turbine.

‘We selected the WindSentinel for our Demowfloat campaign following a strict selection process that included performance under severe weather like that experienced off the coast of Portugal," says EDP's Carlos Martin Rivals. "Its performance during this storm validated our initial assessment."

AXYS notes that a WindSentinel deployed on Lake Michigan also stood up to Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The company says the system ran continuously with 100% data collection and performance through gusts of 107 km/hr winds and 10-meter waves.

Terry Tarle, CEO of AXYS Technologies, comments, "The WindSentinel has continued to live up to its design specifications and collect wind resource assessment data during long-term deployments in extremely hostile marine environments."

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