AWS Truepower To Be Featured On PBS Miniseries


AWS Truepower LLC, a provider of renewable energy consulting and information services, says it will be featured on PBS' ‘America Revealed,’ a new miniseries that uses aerial footage, high-definition video and real-time satellite data to document ‘what makes America work.’

A TV crew from Lion Television, along with show host Yul Kwon, recently visited the company's corporate headquarters to film part of the energy-themed episode. AWS Truepower will be featured in ‘The American Dynamo’ (the working title of one segment of a four-part series), which will explore how the U.S. propels itself through energy, taking a look at the creation of electricity through wind, water and nuclear power, as well as the intricacies of energy distribution.

"We were honored to be selected to share our scientific expertise on wind energy," says Michael Brower, chief technical officer at AWS Truepower. "Our role is to help illustrate the quantity and variability of wind patterns and their impact on the power grid."

The airdate of the episode has yet to be released by PBS.

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