AWS Truepower Rolls Out Wind Developer Suite


AWS Truepower, a provider of clean energy consulting, software and engineering services, has created a new product offering called the wind developer suite.

According to the company, the suite includes software subscriptions Windnavigator, Windographer and Openwind, as well as 12 consulting hours. The company says it has offices around the world to assist customers in any time zone.

AWS says the software bundle is suited for customers prospecting wind sites, conducting energy assessments, visualizing wind resource data, and designing and optimizing wind farms.

“The wind developer suite empowers customers to be as effective and efficient as they can be, working in the manner they prefer,” says Michael Brower, AWS Truepower’s president. “It is designed to allow customers who are so inclined to be more independent with a do-it-yourself feel, but it includes free consulting hours – enabling customers to work more closely and collaboratively with experts, creating synergy. Customers only have to contact one company for account management, support, consulting and billing inquiries.”

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