AWS Truepower Launches Improvements To Wind Site Assessment Tool


AWS Truepower LLC, a renewable energy consulting firm based in Albany, N.Y., has announced the launch of several new features to the Site Assessment dashboard hosted on the company's windNavigator platform. Site Assessment is a wind resource and energy analysis application with validated data for small to utility-scale wind project developers.

The new features include the ability to retrieve mean annual wind speed values and energy estimates at custom hub heights ranging from 10 meters to 100 meters in reports and deliverables.

In addition, 200-meter resolution wind speed values are now available through the Compass tool. The Compass tool provides subscribers with access to advanced analysis capabilities, such as mean annual wind speed values and weibulls.

The newest addition to the long-term Virtual Met Mast (VMM) product is the inclusion of four surrounding model grid points. Clients who use the data primarily for measure-correlate-predict will benefit from this additional data because, in select cases, a combination of the four surrounding nodes correlates better with measurements than the interpolated VMM, according to the company.

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