Avista Utilities’ Integrated Resources Plan Includes Additional Wind Power


Spokane, Wash.-based Avista Utilities, an operating division of Avista Corp., has submitted its 2009 Electric Integrated Resource Plan to state regulators. The plan details projected growth in demand for energy and new resources needed to serve customers.

Avista anticipates adding about 150,000 retail customers, with a 1.7% annual growth in electric demand until 2029. The utility plans to rely on a mix of renewables, hydroelectric upgrades, energy efficiency and natural-gas generation to meet that demand.

In addition, Avista plans to add up to 150 MW of wind power by 2012 to take advantage of renewable energy tax incentives, diversify Avista's resource mix and meet renewable portfolio standards. The utility also plans to add another 200 MW of wind power by 2022.

‘We continue to obtain new resources in a responsible and environmentally sound manner so that we can provide clean, reliable and cost-effective energy for our customers,’ says Dennis Vermillion, president of Avista Utilities.

Utility commissions in Idaho and Washington will review the document and provide an opportunity for comment.

SOURCE Avista Utilities

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