Availon Reaches 1 GW Milestone For Servicing Vestas Turbine Technology


Availon, an independent operations and maintenance (O&M) service provider, says it has passed the 1 GW milestone for servicing Vestas wind turbine technology.

Availon started providing O&M services for Vestas turbines in 2009. To support this service, Germany-based Availon established a center of excellence for Vestas technology in Hamburg, where the company says it develops new upgrades and optimization strategies to enhance the performance of all operating Vestas turbines under contract. The company covers a broad range of Vestas turbines, including the V47, V52, V66, V80 and V90.

"Reaching the 1,000 MW milestone truly shows that Availon is the leading international O&M ISP for the Vestas technology," says Michael Richter, global sales manager for Availon. "We are very pleased to see that our customers show a very high degree of satisfaction for the quality of the service we provide them with."

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