ATS Wind Energy Services Ships 55-Meter Wind Blade

ATS Wind Energy Services (ATSWES), a transportation service provider of wind energy cargo, says it moved four of the longest wind turbine blades on record, measuring more than 55 meters (over 180 feet) in length. All four blades were shipped from the manufacturer in Washington state to the final site in Wieringerwerf, Netherlands.

Transport of these units involved a multi-modal operation – first from the origin to the Port of Everett, Wash., followed by ocean transit to the Netherlands, barge service to a nearby jetty, crane operations from barge to truck and, finally, a brief truck ride to the project site.

In addition to transportation and port operations, ATSWES was involved in a multiyear route study and close evaluation of several potential obstacles in order to guarantee that the blades would arrive at their final pad in perfect condition.

As one of the largest full turnkey transportation providers of wind energy cargo in the U.S., ATSWES is no stranger to moving over-dimensional cargo, although these four blades provided an additional level of difficulty due to their extreme length.

SOURCE: ATS Wind Energy Services


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