ATC Identifies Route Alternatives For Proposed Transmission Lines


American Transmission Co. (ATC) says it has identified the final four route alternatives for two proposed 138 kV transmission lines in western Milwaukee County, Wis.

The Western Milwaukee County Electric Reliability Project, which was announced in October 2010, involves the construction of two transmission-line connections to service a new substation proposed by We Energies adjacent to the existing We Energies Milwaukee County power plant and substation.

Studies show that electricity demand in the U.S. Highway corridor in western Milwaukee County is expected to double by 2016 and that existing distribution substations and feeders that serve the area will not be adequate to meet anticipated future demand, according to ATC.

ATC has identified variations on four route options for the new lines that include both overhead and underground segments. Underground options, while more expensive, are being pursued to ensure electric-system reliability coming into the new substation and to address the difficulty of siting overhead lines in a densely populated urban area, according to the company.

The four route alternatives will be included in ATC's application to the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin in early 2012. If approved, the PSC will select the final two transmission routes to be built. Construction is then expected to begin in 2014 to meet an in-service date of 2015.

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