Appalachian Power, Wheeling Power Offer Green Pricing Option


Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power are now offering West Virginia customers the opportunity to support the generation of renewable energy by voluntarily participating in a new green pricing option.

West Virginia customers can now purchase blocks of green energy, which will be acquired from wind- and hydro-generated sources. Each block is equivalent to 100 kWh of renewable energy.

‘This is a great opportunity for people to support renewable energy, and we are pleased to make the green pricing option available to our customers in West Virginia,’ says Dana Waldo, Appalachian Power president and chief operating officer.

Residential customers may elect to purchase a minimum of two blocks and up to a maximum of 50 blocks, at a cost of $1.50 per block. The cost to purchase green energy blocks is in addition to a customer's regular monthly electric bill and will be reflected as a separate line item on the bill.

SOURCE: Appalachian Power

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