Anti-Wind Group Steps Up Eleventh-Hour Ad Blitz


As Congress deliberates the merits of the wind production tax credit (PTC), anti-wind group Americans For Prosperity (AFP) has launched a last-ditch ad campaign urging lawmakers to oppose the renewal of the wind PTC. The ads will run in 15 states and will target dozens of members of Congress.

‘With wind subsidies, Americans are getting sapped on both ends – their tax bills and their utility bills,’ says Tim Phillips, AFP president. ‘We can't afford to chip in another $13 billion in the next decade, to an industry that hasn't made it in the market despite decades of taxpayer subsidies. It's telling that Congress is considering a renewal of already-expired corporate handouts during a lame-duck session when lawmakers think nobody's paying attention.’

According to the group, the ads will run on ‘digital platforms’ for several weeks, and the group says additional action is being considered. Last week, AFP issued a letter of opposition to renewing the PTC.

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