Altair Nanotechnologies Meets PJM Market Requirements


Reno, Nev-based Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.'s (Altairnano) 1 MW, 250 kWh battery storage system has met requirements to participate in the PJM regional transmission organization control area. This marks the first commercial acceptance of an advanced lithium-titanate battery to provide grid-regulation services in one of the largest electricity markets in the U.S.

‘Our advanced lithium-titanate battery technology will play an integral role in addressing the utility power market's need for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions,’ says Terry Copeland, president and CEO for Altairnano. ‘This will create a more resilient grid, allowing for increased adoption of renewable generating resources, such as solar and wind.’

Altairnano has a joint development agreement with AES Energy Storage LLC – a subsidiary of AES Corp. – to develop grid-scale energy storage applications. AES Energy Storage recently completed the standard acceptance testing for regulation service within the PJM service territory.

The tests were completed by a 1 MW energy storage unit incorporating Altairnano's advanced lithium-titanate cells. This unit was part of an earlier AES technology validation effort in Indiana. The unit is now available for commercial operation as a qualified market participant for regulation service by AES Energy Storage.

SOURCE: Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.

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