ALL Erection Enhances Wind Fleet


ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. recently purchased a 400-ton Manitowoc 16000 crawler with wind attachment and several of Link-Belt's new 110-ton telescopic crawlers.

The Manitowoc 16000 with wind attachment can lift 441 tons at a 21-foot radius and features a 300-foot heavy-lift boom with up to a 275-foot luffing jib, according to the company.

The wind attachment allows for the installation of most 2.5 MW wind turbines on 80-meter tower heights and gives the crane enhanced lift ability when working at short radii, as is generally required in wind turbine erection, according to ALL.

ALL has also acquired the first three of Link-Belt's 110-ton TCC-1100 telescopic crawler cranes. These cranes are designed to be used at wind projects, where ground conditions are poor and distances between lift sites can be long, according to the company.

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