Airstreams Renewables Wind Technician Program Approved Under WIA


Tehachapi, Calif.-based Airstreams Renewables Inc.'s (ARI) wind technician program has been approved under the Employment Development Department's Work Force Investment Act (WIA) as a state-approved Eligible Training Provider for California.

‘We are very excited to have become one of the first wind energy training programs in California recognized by the state as an Eligible Training Provider,’ says Lisa Gilbert, vice president for academic affairs at ARI. ‘After nearly six months working with local Kern County Work Force Investment Act administrators at Employer's Training Resource, our program has become one of the first programs approved in nearly two years, which will open up new opportunities for people seeking skills training.’

The federal WIA offers workforce development activities through statewide and local organizations. Available workforce development activities provided in local communities can benefit job seekers, laid-off workers, youth, incumbent workers, new entrants to the workforce, veterans, persons with disabilities and employers.

SOURCE: Airstreams Renewables Inc.

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