Airstreams Renewables Offering Additional Courses


Tehachapi, Calif.-based Airstreams Renewables Inc. (ARI), a renewable energy education and training company, is adding courses starting in February.

‘With a variety of height-rescue systems used throughout the wind industry, it is important for us to make sure we are offering our students training on the equipment being used throughout the industry,’ says Mike Messier, vice president of training at ARI.

ARI staff recently completed the access rescue training certification program from ENSA, allowing the company to offer courses using the Tractel, Elk River and Petzl ID systems. ARI continues to offer certifications in both Skylotec/EZE Man System and the Tech Safety Lines System.

In addition, ARI is launching new certificate courses in rough terrain forklift; basic rigging and fasteners; torque and tension tooling; and blade repair/basic composites. Each of these ARI certifications will include hands-on practice and practical evaluations.

SOURCE: Airstreams Renewables Inc.

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