Airstreams Plans Renewable Energy Training Facility


Tehachapi, Calif.-based Airstreams LLC, a wind energy firm specializing in technical consulting and training, has closed escrow on 33.25 acres of land to develop a renewable energy training facility and renewable energy industrial complex.

The development will provide an anchor for Airstreams' expanding businesses while providing a campus-like setting of other renewable companies to lease and take advantage of the low carbon energy footprint that is being promoted by California's new green energy initiative.

‘This is an exciting time for our company and the renewable energy industry,’ says Jeff Duff, vice president of Airstreams. ‘It is nice to be involved in one of the bright spots of our economy. We are excited about expanding advanced renewable energy technical training to a state-of-the-art training facility and providing commercial space that will be a model for energy conservation in the expanding Tehachapi area.’

SOURCE: Airstreams LLC

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