AETI’s Converter Successfully Deployed For EWT


American Electric Technologies Inc.'s (AETI) direct-drive wind converter has been successfully deployed for Emergya Wind Technologies (EWT) in multiple locations.

The wind energy converter, designed to meet U.S. grid-tie requirements, low-voltage ride-through, dynamic volt-ampere reactive control and anti-islanding capabilities, incorporates the latest in power-conversion technology, according to the companies.

The AETI wind converter system utilizes back-to-back inverters to convert the direct-drive generator variable voltage and frequency output to 60 Hz AC grid power. The system has the capabilities to work with weak grids for distributed power applications and utilizes a filter to meet IEEE and IEC power quality standards, according to the companies.

The AETI power converter architecture scales from 900 kW to 3 MW and above and supports both direct-drive and double-fed inductor generator wind turbines. The 900 kW wind energy conversion system is optimal for distributed-power locations.

SOURCE: American Electric Technologies Inc.

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