AESO Receives Approval For Transmission Reinforcements

The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) has received approval for its plan to reinforce electricity transmission throughout east central Alberta, allowing for the connection of up to 700 MW of wind power and the supply of forecasted demand of about 970 MW.

The regulatory approval was announced by the Alberta Utilities Commission when it accepted the AESO's preferred alternative to construct a single extended 240 kV alternating-current looped system.

The AESO estimates the total cost of this project to be approximately C$1 billion. It will be developed in two stages: Stage I is expected to be in service by 2012, and Stage II is expected to be in service by 2017.

Alberta currently has 629 MW of wind power connected to the Alberta electric system, representing about 5% of the total installed capacity of 12,502 MW.

SOURCE: The Alberta Electric System Operator Â


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