AESO Contracts With Vendor For Wind Power Forecasting Service


The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) has awarded a two-year contract to Denmark-based wind forecasting company WEPROG to provide centralized wind power forecasts for Alberta.

WEPROG will provide wind power forecasts ranging from 10 minutes to 144 hours ahead. These forecasts will be used by various functions within the AESO to ensure reliable system operation.

‘Wind power forecasting is an effective tool that will allow us to accommodate the variable nature of wind and enable more wind power to be added to the Alberta electricity system,’ says Kelly Gunsch, vice president of market services for the AESO.

Alberta currently has 563 MW of wind power connected to the Alberta electric system, representing about 4.4% of the total installed capacity of 12,763 MW.

SOURCE: The Alberta Electric System Operator

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