ACE NY: 2016 Is The State’s ‘New Year for New Energy’


ACE NY: 2016 Is The State's 'New Year for New Energy' Several representatives from New York’s renewable energy industry have declared 2016 as the state’s ‘New Year for New Energy,’ according to the Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACE NY).

The companies came together today to highlight Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recent mandate for the state to achieve 50% renewable energy by 2030. They called on the state Public Service Commission to design a program that will work for the renewables industry and attract private investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency to New York in order to achieve the 50% mandate. Additionally, the group applauded the recent congressional action to extend tax credits for wind, solar, hydro and some biofuels.

‘The governor’s 50 percent renewable energy mandate is an important step toward a cleaner and more robust energy future,’ said Kevin Sheen of developer EverPower Wind. ‘The details of this program do matter, and it is important policies are put in place that will allow ratepayers to reap the benefits of carbon-free energy at a low price that does not fluctuate with volatile fuel costs.”

Clint Plummer, vice president of development at Deepwater Wind, noted, ‘The waters off New York are home to one of the country’s best offshore wind resources, and we’re confident that offshore wind energy can play a significant role in New York’s clean energy standard.’

‘With the federal wind production and investment tax credits extended, the wind industry has part of the certainty needed to invest in New York,’ said the American Wind Energy Association’s Andrew Gohn. ‘We hope New York can act quickly to establish a workable clean energy standard in order to grow both onshore and offshore wind power and take full advantage of the federal incentives.’

Seth Kaplan of EDP Renewables explained, ‘Wind energy has brought good jobs and solid economic development to rural communities across the state and affordable, stable-priced power, free from the gas price roller coaster, to our cities. If the right policy framework is in place – one that creates a market for renewable energy and allows fair competition among independent power producers – further investment will flow into New York.’

‘New York now has 25 percent renewable electricity, from sources including hydropower, biomass, wind and solar,’ said Larry Richardson, CEO of ReEnergy Holdings. ‘The clean energy standard needs to support the clean energy projects already in place and stimulate development of new projects over the next 15 years.’

Anne Reynolds, executive director of ACE NY, added, “We know that the 50 percent mandate is going to require the full range of renewable technologies – large and small, existing and new.”

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