Acciona To Pilot Moventas’ New Exceed Gearboxes


Acciona Windpower has agreed to pilot Moventas' new Exceed series gearboxes in its 3 MW turbines. The recently entered deal concerns two Exceed prototype deliveries, as well as serial production, of the Exceed gearbox – both of which are expected to take place in 2015.

In 2012, the two companies agreed to co-develop a new version of Acciona's 3 MW turbine, with the objective of reducing size and increasing torque density. Moventas says the resultant Exceed gearbox provides 20% more torque density and is 10% smaller.

"Our engineers took measured gearbox values of the technology we've been using for a decade, recalculated them with new design methods and took them to a new level," says Pedro Figueiras, Moventas' global accounts manager.

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