Acciona Kicks Off Construction Of Wind Farm Won In Mexican Auction


Acciona Energia has begun construction work on the fifth wind farm under its ownership in Mexico: El Cortijo, a 168 MW facility located in Tamaulipas.

According to Acciona, the wind farm is the country’s first renewable energy project resulting from the electric power auctions held within the framework of Mexico’s Energy Reform. Acciona won a tender for a total of 585.5 GWh of electric power and the corresponding clean energy certificates, which will be supplied by this wind farm.

El Cortijo, located 40 kilometers south of Reynosa, will have 56 AW 125/3000 turbines from Nordex/Acciona Windpower. Each has a rated power of 3 MW, a rotor diameter of 125 meters and a 120-meter-high concrete tower.

The project, expected to enter service in August 2018, will generate the equivalent of the electricity consumption of roughly 350,000 Mexican homes.

According to Acciona, the construction and operation of El Cortijo and its associated activities are estimated to represent a contribution to Mexico’s gross domestic product of around $232 million during the project’s working life.

In the next few months. Acciona will also begin construction work on the 339 MW Puerto Libertad solar photovoltaic complex in Sonora. By the end of 2018, the company expects to have more than 1 GW of renewables under ownership in Mexico.

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