ABS Releases Guide For Offshore Wind Turbine Installations


ABS has released a guide for installing offshore wind turbines located along the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

The company says that, to date, most manuals have been based on experience from European coastal waters. However, ABS says its guide is the first to consider the conditions these structures may encounter in tropical storm prone waters. The guide takes into account the International Electrotechnical Commission 61400 series of standards for wind turbines, the American Petroleum Institute's Recommended Practice for planning, designing and constructing fixed offshore platforms, ABS' offshore rules and guides and the unique environmental conditions on the U.S. OCS. Â

The company says its guide also specifies a set of strength design criteria for the steel support structure of an offshore wind turbine based on the commonly accepted working stress design approach and requirements for the survey during construction and installation as well as post-construction.Â


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