A-Power Set To Deliver Prototype Turbine To Texas Wind Project

A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. plans to deliver a prototype 2.05 MW wind turbine generator, manufactured at its factory in Shenyang, China. The prototype will be shipped to Texas and is scheduled to be installed at the site of the proposed 600 MW Spinning Star Wind Energy Project.

Testing results from the prototype will be used in connection with the development of and further supply to the Spinning Star project and other potential customers of A-Power in the U.S.

Shenyang Lucky Wind Power Equipment Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of A-Power, has been designated as the exclusive supplier of wind turbines for the Spinning Star project. Spinning Star Energy LLC is a joint venture between Shenyang Power Group, a partly owned Chinese subsidiary of A-Power and U.S.-based developers.

SOURCE: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd.


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