3TIER: Second-Quarter Wind Speeds Above Seasonal Averages


Second-quarter wind speeds were above seasonal averages for a majority of the continental U.S., according to Seattle-based 3TIER.

The pattern for wind speeds was 5% to 10% above normal for nearly the entire U.S., with especially strong positive wind anomalies centered over the southern Mississippi Valley and the southern Rocky Mountains. Some areas within these regions exceeded 25% above-normal wind speeds when averaged over all of April, May and June, according to 3TIER.

The only areas that experienced wind speed conditions below average were North Dakota along the Canadian border, isolated areas of California and areas along the Carolina coast. These areas saw minor negative anomalies of about 5% with the exception of Florida, where wind speeds were up to 15% below normal.

Climate conditions across North America during the second quarter of this year were influenced by a weakening of the La Nina event that occurred this past winter in the tropical Pacific Ocean, leading to neutral El Nino/Southern Oscillation conditions by the end of the quarter, according to 3TIER.

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