Vaisala Scales Up Colorado Operations For Triton Wind Profiler

Posted by Betsy Lillian on March 09, 2017 No Comments

Finland-headquartered Vaisala has doubled the production capacity of its Boulder, Colo., operations center for the Triton wind profiler, which offers wind developers and operators hub-height wind measurement data.

In turn, Vaisala says it now offers customers faster turnaround on the remote sensing device; delivery times have been brought down to as little as two weeks.

According to the company, the increase in demand for Triton comes from a growing wind industry that has widely adopted remote sensing systems.

“We are witnessing a global shift toward remote sensing away from traditional met masts,” says Pascal Storck, head of renewable energy at Vaisala. “This is driven in part by new standards and acceptance for power performance testing – but primarily from the simple fact that remote sensing, especially [sonic detection and ranging systems] like Triton, offer a faster, more cost-effective means of reliably recording wind measurements for our industry’s ever-taller turbines.”

Vaisala says Triton’s mobility and online data recording allow developers to quickly collect wind information needed to conduct assessments and make decisions about viable sites – rather than waiting for met towers to be planned, permitted and constructed.

Storck adds, “Vaisala has continuously been improving Triton manufacturing through the application of lean manufacturing principles. To meet increasing demand from our customers, we were able to quickly scale up our capacity.”

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