U.S. Remapped in 3D by Intermap Technologies

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Denver-based Intermap Technologies has completed the data collection of its NEXTMap USA 3D mapping program. This company-funded initiative mapped 3.1 million square miles of the entire contiguous U.S. and Hawaii.

NEXTMap USA will ultimately generate an elevation for the nation's data set at unprecedented accuracy and detail that includes 3D digital terrain models, digital surface models, contours, 3D road centerline geometries, and other high-resolution geospatial products as part of the company's proactive mapping program.

Statewide and partial wide area data sets are currently enabling commercial and government agencies in the fields of environmental management, carbon emission reduction and fuel efficiency improvement, engineering planning and renewable energy, according to the company.

Intermap will continue its ongoing processing and editing of NEXTMap USA to produce geospatial data sets that will be 100% commercially available in early 2010. More than 48% of the NEXTMap USA data is currently available for immediate purchase. The data collection of the company's NEXTMap Europe program was completed in May 2008, and all of the data – as yet unprocessed – will be on the shelf and available for purchase by the end of April.

SOURCE: Intermap Technologies

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