Tracerco’s New Grout Monitoring Technology Suited For Offshore Wind

Posted by Betsy Lillian on August 02, 2017 No Comments

Tracerco, part of London-based Johnson Matthey PLC, has launched a new product that the company says enables offshore operators in the oil and gas and offshore wind market to ensure the quality and strength of grout during installation.

According to Tracerco, the technology is able to provide quick and accurate grout density profiling. Real-time monitoring enables the measurement of grout density to be taken as it is pumped into the pile annuli; this allows offshore operators to determine that the density of the grout is as specified in the design – in turn, ensuring a secure foundation.

“Tracerco’s unique grout monitoring system ensures that accurate grout data profiles can be quickly obtained,” states Kim Thye Lee, strategic support manager. “Highly reliable density measurements remove the need to over-pump the grout volume, saving on raw material costs and reducing the time taken during cleanup. This, combined with live data recording and robust analysis, ensures that grout pumping can be optimized with a full traceable record of activity.”

The system can be interfaced with any type of remotely operated vehicle and can also be deployed using a diver.

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