The Switch Unveils New Converter

Posted by NAW Staff on November 16, 2015 No Comments

The Switch, a supplier of megawatt-class electrical drives for the wind and other industrial sectors, has launched the latest iteration of full-power converter technology for utility-grade electricity production. According to the company, the product builds on the company's experience from its installed base of over 11 GW throughout the world.

The new line of converters ensures future-proof electricity quality to meet the strict international requirements for harmonics, flicker and fault ride-through (FRT), The Switch notes. The converter is optimized to work with permanent magnet and induction machines, the company notes.

Optimal power flow control guarantees minimum losses and smooth load transitions. By reducing sensitivity to the network, The Switch FPC+ produces a seamless interaction with the grid, even in the case of severe disturbances. New micro-grid functionalities are also available to enhance the proven FRT.

According to The Switch, the high-power density provided by the technology means the number of panels can be reduced.

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