Stormy Weather Wreaks Havoc On Wind Turbines In The U.K.

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Wind speeds of 165 miles per hour caused many wind turbines in the U.K. to automatically stop running, and may have caused one wind turbine to catch fire in Scotland, Bloomberg reports.

Most wind turbines in the U.K. were halted for at least a short time. For instance, E.ON AG told Bloomberg that 100 of its turbines across three wind farms stopped running, but they have since resumed normal operation.

According to Bloomberg, the fire incident occurred in the nacelle of a Vestas wind turbine at the Ardrossan wind farm in Ayrshire, Scotland, Infinis PLC told Bloomberg. According to the company, the fire extinguished itself before firefighters arrived, and no one was injured.

Vestas is still investigating the cause of the fire.

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