NYPA Finishes Substation Work To Grid-Connect Jericho Rise Wind Facility

Posted by Lauren Tyler on December 29, 2016 No Comments
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The New York Power Authority (NYPA), the nation’s largest state public power organization, says it has completed work at a Franklin County substation that will help send 77.7 MW of renewable energy from the Jericho Rise Wind farm to the New York power grid.

The wind farm, located in the towns of Chateaugay and Belmont, is owned by EDP Renewables North America. The NYPA energized the equipment, including 37 wind turbine generators, and placed the project into commercial operation earlier this month after it was linked to the Willis substation in Chateaugay.

“There’s a significant amount of effort and coordination that goes into connecting these wind farms into our transmission system – from planning, all the way through to construction oversight, testing and commissioning,” says Gil C. Quiniones, the NYPA’s president and CEO. “NYPA is always looking to support the growth of renewable generation in New York state and find new and innovative ways to support the efforts of renewable energy developers.”

According to the power authority, the Jericho Rise Wind Farm is the sixth wind farm in northern New York that the NYPA has connected to its statewide transmission system. As reported, the effort is helping to bring more renewable energy to customers in the New York City area, where the majority of the state’s power is consumed.

Further, the wind farm also supports Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s Clean Energy Standard, which requires that 50% of all electricity used in New York come from renewable sources by 2030. It is also consistent with the governor’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) strategy to build an energy system in New York that is cleaner, more resilient and affordable, as increasing access to renewables and other distributed energy resources is a major component of the REV initiative.

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