New 3B Technology Aims To Produce Longer And Lighter Wind Turbine Rotor Blades

Posted by NAW Staff on February 21, 2012 No Comments

3B, a provider of fiberglass products, is launching a new product that the company says will help produce longer and lighter rotor blades for onshore and offshore wind turbines.

The company says its HiPer-texW2020 product is the second in a series designed to strengthen wind turbine rotor blades. Building upon the recently developed sizing technology applied to Advantex SE2020, the HiPer-tex W2020 is also specifically engineered for epoxy polymer systems used in resin infusion or prepreg processes, the company says.

In comparison to blades manufactured with traditional E-glass, HiPer-tex W2020 achieves up to 10% weight saving for the same blade design and length, 3B says, adding that the blade length can also be extended up to 6% while maintaining the same weight but offering up to 12% more energy output.

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