LEEDCo, Maine Aqua Ventus Projects Receive $3.7 Million DOE Offshore Wind Award

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14841_thinkstockphotos-472311594 LEEDCo, Maine Aqua Ventus Projects Receive $3.7 Million DOE Offshore Wind Award Cleveland-based Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. (LEEDCo) and Maine Aqua Ventus – the two runners-up in the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) 2014 Offshore Wind Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects initiative – will each receive $3.7 million to continue research and development of their offshore wind pilot projects.Â

In May 2014, the DOE passed over both Maine Aqua Ventus and LEEDCo for a $47 million grant, but awarded each project $3 million to keep it going. The recipients of the DOE advanced offshore technology award – Dominion Virginia Power, Fishermen's Energy and Principle Power – are all behind on their project milestones. Â

Notably, the DOE has decided to give Principle Power, Dominion, and Fishermen's Energy six month extensions to meet milestones. Over the next six months, the DOE will evaluate the status and progress being made by all five projects. In May 2016, the DOE will reevaluate the five projects, according to a spokesperson.

The DOE cited LeedCo's ‘important research and development progress’ in its 18 MW Icebreaker demonstration project that is slated to be built seven miles off the coast of Cleveland in Lake Erie. As for Maine Aqua Ventus, which would put a two-turbine, 12 MW project off the coast of Maine's Monhegan Island, the DOE cited its potential to drive down costs while moving construction closer to project sites, therefore spreading out the economic impact.

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