Leclanche, Younicos Team Up On Energy Storage Project On The Azores

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14113_azores Leclanche, Younicos Team Up On Energy Storage Project On The Azores Swiss battery manufacturer Leclanche is teaming up with Younicos, a German-American specialist in renewable energy integration, to provide battery storage for a project located in the Azores, the island cluster located off the coast of Portugal.

Leclanche will provide the battery energy storage system using lithium-ion batteries, which – when combined with Younicos' energy management software – will create the world's first megawatt-scale renewable energy plus storage system while enabling the island grid to be fully powered by wind and solar energy.

According to the companies, the centerpiece of the system is a fully automated, intelligently managed 2.8 MW battery park integrated into Younicos' energy management system. In addition, the system will incorporate wind (4.5 MW) and solar (1 MW) power resources and inverters.

The renewable energy-powered grid will boost the island's annual share of renewable energies, from a previous limit of 15% to up to 65%. Therefore, the island can reduce its dependence on fuel imports.

Additionally, Recharge ApS, one of Leclanche's largest shareholders, will provide EUR 3.5 million in convertible debt financing to the project's operating company Graciolica, a wholly owned subsidiary of Younicos. Both announcements are milestones that will help accelerate implementation and ensure progress over the course of the year.

For more information on how energy storage can be deployed to improve grid reliability and enable greater penetration of renewable energy, visit Hybrid Energy Innovations here.

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