Lapp Announces Release Of High-Performance Tray Cable For Wind Turbines

Posted by NAW Staff on August 14, 2009 No Comments

Florham Park, N.J.-based Lapp USA, a provider of industrial cables, has introduced the OLFLEX FORTIS cable, which meets UL-1277 tray cable requirements and can be utilized in wind turbines.

OLFLEX FORTIS meets UL's OIL RES I & II and UL AWM 21098, allowing application in environments with long-term oil exposure. OLFLEX FORTIS has FT4 flammability resistance and passes the same crush and impact tests as armored metal-clad cables.

OLFLEX FORTIS uses fine-conductor strands for flexibility during installation. This conductor also allows the product to be used in applications with limited motion, like the torsion movement of cables in wind turbine towers. The copper core is sized for dual rating for North American and European standards.

The cable meets all requirements of UL-2277 for 1,000 V Wind Turbine Tray Cable. The oil resistance is valuable for applications in wind turbine nacelles, and torsion resistance makes it suitable for cables in wind turbine towers, Lapp says. In addition, cold-weather resistance allows OLFLEX FORTIS to be used in wind turbines installed in arctic climates.


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