GE’s Direct-Drive Offshore Wind Turbine Completes Trial Run

Posted by NAW Staff on April 17, 2012 No Comments

GE has announced that its 4.1-113 offshore wind turbine, located in Sweden's Gothenburg harbor, has passed its initial trial run.

The trial began on Feb. 29 and lasted 200 hours. According to the company, the 4.1 MW direct-drive offshore wind turbine passed this reliability run on its first attempt with 99.05% availability. Wind speed varied during the trial run from zero to rated wind, resulting in a capacity factor of 35.3%, GE adds.

‘The variation in wind speed gives the team confidence that the turbine performs reliably under all wind conditions,’ says Vincent Schellings, offshore product manager for GE Energy. "Now we will begin validating the design and obtain initial results before summer. Our initial focus will be on the power curve and loads validation as evidence that our simulations meet the measurements of the two performance characteristics that matter most to our customers."

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