GE Aims To Improve Wind Farm Efficiency With New Design Optimization Service

Posted by NAW Staff on April 30, 2015 No Comments

14174_gelogo2 GE Aims To Improve Wind Farm Efficiency With New Design Optimization Service GE is rolling out a new service that aims to help developers and owners and operators to better optimize the collector system during wind farm planning.

According to GE, collector cable systems play a critical role in how efficiently power can be delivered from the point of generation to the grid. An optimal collector system design can help minimize electrical losses, cable and trenching costs, and substation configuration costs.

The software uses grid intelligence to help utilities, developers and contractors better plan the layout of their wind farm by providing an in-depth look at possible collector cable configurations and the benefits and drawbacks of each. With this information, system design can be optimized to reduce start-up costs and improve operational efficiency.

According to GE, traditional, manual collector cable design processes can be labor-intensive, hard to adjust and can have long lead times. The result is a time-consuming, costly, non-optimized design with little flexibility to change the project after implementation has begun. GE's new service provides customers with a collector system design that optimizes cable routing and sizing and that addresses the challenges associated with traditional design methods.

Using the software, GE says it can reduce the cost of designed collector systems – potentially saving customers greater than 20% while also reducing design cycle times by 60%.

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