Firms Roll Out New Wind Sensor

Posted by NAW Staff on July 16, 2015 No Comments

Diamond Springs, Calif.-based Nor-Cal Controls, in conjunction with Lufft Instruments, is rolling out the WindTalker-1000, a new relay device that allows wind sensors to integrate into any existing programmable logic controller (PLC).

According to Nor-Cal, the device removes any of the barriers associated with mechanical sensors. Wind sensors are required for each wind turbine installed in order to correctly point the turbine into the wind. The turbines wind sensor not only affects optimal performance of the turbine, but it's also a safety measure, notes Nor-Cal. As the sensors age, they often need replacing. Not only are mechanical wind sensors prone to repair and replacement, but they also require regular calibrations, that cost time and money. Often, owners are not able to choose a sensor appropriate to their installation because of the limitations of communication with the PLC.

The WindTalker-1000 combines the intelligence of a smart relay device with the robustness of Lufft's VENTUS, an ultrasonic wind sensor. The result is a wind sensing system that is a direct replacement to older, end-of-life sensors, providing the end user with an accurate, maintenance-free system.

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