EkkoSense Launches Live-Alerting Platform For Monitoring Renewable Assets

Posted by NAW Staff on October 21, 2015 No Comments

14742_thinkstockphotos-499092205 EkkoSense Launches Live-Alerting Platform For Monitoring Renewable Assets EkkoSense, a provider of energy-management software, has launched what it calls the renewable industry's first truly low-cost, live-alerting platform for solar and wind energy generation systems.

EkkoSoft 4.0 offers live reporting and alerts to support estate-wide, Web-based monitoring of renewable assets – enabling a faster and more efficient operations and maintenance response to mechanical underperformance incidents, the company says.

Near real-time monitoring allows operators to restore their turbines and solar panels to optimum performance much more quickly, which maximizes generation and helps to protect time to return on investment (ROI).Â

"In reality, you could be in London receiving a warning alert about a drop in energy generation for a specific turbine in remote North Scotland or a solar farm in East Anglia – enabling you to investigate and action any required remedy as soon as expected generation levels are failing to be achieved," explains Dean Boyle, CEO of EkkoSense.

"This early heads-up could potentially highlight an impending mechanical failure and identify where early remedial action could save both downtime as well as lost [feed-in tariff (FIT)] revenues," he continues. "This contrasts with potentially much more expensive repair costs and FIT shortfalls should owners be left waiting days or weeks before realizing energy generation has been low or renewable assets are out of action completely and are increasing ROI."

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