Bachmann Electronic Automation System Updated

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A new process from Bachmann Electronic GmbH now enables the safe operation of its M1 automation system when condensation is present. Cold-climate modules from Bachmann Electronic, which are used in wind turbines, are ideal for applications in demanding climate conditions, according to the company.

Special preparation of the circuit boards in the cold-climate modules enables the effects of electromigration to be prevented during operation after condensation, according to Bachmann. During this process, a nonporous and transparent polymer film is applied to the module in a vacuum by means of a condensation process from the gaseous phase.

The vapor deposition enables this material to reach zones and structures that could not be coated with fluid-based processes. Furthermore, the components used on the cold-climate modules are specified for an extended operating temperature range of -40 degrees C to +70 degrees C.

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SOURCE: Bachmann Electronic GmbH

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