Avanti Wind Systems To Release Two New Service Lifts

Posted by NAW Staff on March 28, 2012 No Comments

Avanti Wind Systems, a producer of service lifts and other personal safety systems for wind turbine towers, says it plans to release two new service lifts.

The first service lift – Pegasus – is a rack and pinion service lift guided by the ladder system in the wind turbine. The lift is pulled up and down through pinions geared by motors on the lift and a rack welded to the ladder system. The new rack and pinion service lift is developed by Avanti due to different internals design and tower dimensions, especially adapted for concrete towers of wind turbine generators.

The other newly designed service lift – Dolphin – is guided by wires. It has a sliding door that can be divided in an upper and a bottom part, and the lift can be equipped with windows.

Both new service lifts have space for two technicians and their tools. They can be put into service during construction and commissioning of the turbine, with the benefit that the technicians making the final installations in the turbine do not have to climb up and down the ladders, the company explains.

The lifts cannot run if the door is open, but when the lifts are brought to a standstill and the technician is secured on his hook, inspection and repair can be performed from the lift, Avanti adds.

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