Applied DTIs Are Now GL-Certified

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Applied Bolting Technology says it has received certificate No. 73638 from Germanischer Lloyd (GL), certifying that the company's M32, M36 and M48 Squirter direct tension indicators (DTIs) control bolt tension to +/-10% with a confidence factor of 97.7%.

According to Applied Bolding, GL says this is the first visual bolt-tension indicating system that does not require special tools. The company adds that GL was chosen for the certification process because of its expertise in bolting wind tower flanges.

Squirter DTIs are compressible washers made with special slots stamped into their bottom surface. When the DTI bumps are sufficiently compressed, indicating that the bolt has achieved a certain tension, an orange silicone squirts out from the perimeter of the DTI.

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SOURCE: Applied Bolting Technology

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