XCMG Manufactures Large Rotary Drilling Rig for Offshore Wind Piling Projects


The XR1600E, a rotary drilling rig developed by XCMG, has officially rolled off the assembly line. It was designed and put into production especially for offshore wind power piling projects and similar applications.

The model has a maximum drilling diameter of 7.5 meters and maximum drilling depth of 190 meters, and the output torque of its power head is 1,600 kNm. The rotary drilling rig has a height of 42 meters and a weight of 520 tons.

The XR1600E is developed with the advanced technologies, including dual power source cooperative control and modular combination technology of super-large tonnage rotary drilling rigs. The drill pile features visualized anti-banding rod technology that reduces the risk of smashing rods by 95% to ensure the safety of piling and foundation operations.

“The XR1600E owns more than 20 patents for invention and has fully elevated the level of construction capacity, performance and safety, tackling the bottleneck problems of large-scale foundation construction like low efficiency and high cost that traditionally use reverse circulation drill to deliver high-quality piling performance,” says Wang Min, chairman and CEO of XCMG. “It will support the super infrastructure construction and create greater value for customers.”

The XR1600E will be widely used for cast-in-place concrete piles in projects of super-large diameter and super-hard rock at super-deep.

XCMG has launched a series of super tonnage products, including XR550D, XR800E, XR1200E and more. The XR1600E is capable of meeting the requirements of large-scale construction projects, such as cross-sea bridges, offshore wind power farms and super high-rise buildings.

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