Windkraft Group Awarded Philippines’ First Offshore Wind Projects


The Triconti Windkraft Group of Companies has been awarded service contracts for offshore wind development in the Philippines by the Department of Energy (DOE).

Both projects, Aparri Bay in the Northern Philippines, and Guimaras Strait in the Central Philippines, have a combined potential output of over 1.2 GW.  The Triconti Windkraft Group is a partnership between Filipino, Swiss and German companies that develop wind energy projects in the Philippines.

“We are excited to bring the benefits that offshore wind power promises to the Philippines,” says Stefan Simon, joint venture partner and managing director of Steam Invest Holding.

“With its scale and efficiencies, we believe that it offers a cost-competitive and greener alternative to conventional fuel power plants,” he adds.  

With the DOE’s service contracts, the Triconti Windkraft Group now holds the exclusive rights to studying and developing the first offshore wind project in the Philippines. 

Aside from these new service contracts, the Triconti Windkraft Group currently has 500 MW of onshore wind under development, bringing its portfolio to over 1.7 GW in various areas around Visayas and Luzon. These projects are in different stages of pre-development – with the first project in Nabas, Aklan slated to come online by 2022.

Photo: The future site of the Triconti offshore wind energy project

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