Vineyard Wind, BNOW Focus on Business Education for Wind Supply Opportunities


Vineyard Wind and the Business Network for Offshore Wind (BNOW) are partnering to educate Massachusetts businesses about opportunities in the offshore wind sector and integrate businesses into the local supply chain.

The one-year Offshore Wind Supply Chain Initiative will launch across Massachusetts in November. Vineyard Wind is funding the network’s efforts to deliver its Foundation 2 Blade, Offshore Wind Ready, and Offshore Wind 101 educational training programs, each designed to help local companies and entrepreneurs learn about the offshore wind industry and how they can expand their business into the local supply chain.

Graduates of these programs will understand the phases of offshore wind project development and the component parts and operations of offshore wind projects and be able to determine where their company best fits into the supply chain.

“Vineyard Wind is not just a first-of-its-kind project in the U.S., it also represents the launch of an entirely new industry,” says Vineyard Wind CEO Klaus S. Moeller. “As such, we have a unique opportunity to bring in thousands of small businesses as we quickly build out the local supply chain.  Our partnership with the Network will ensure that our approach to engaging new companies focused on creating a diverse and inclusive offshore wind supply chain from the start, so that the benefits of this industry will be felt in every community in the commonwealth.”

“The network is thrilled to partner with Vineyard Wind to educate local businesses on the offshore wind industry that will create real jobs, lead to concrete business deals and a flourishing regional supply chain,” comments Liz Burdock, BNOW’s founder and CEO. “There is vast opportunity within the U.S. offshore wind industry, particularly in Massachusetts, to create a supply chain that not just meets local needs but can compete on a global scale.”

The network’s Foundation 2 Blade program (F2B) is a comprehensive training program for businesses who are ready to take advantage of opportunities within the industry. Over the course of multiple sessions, participants gain the tools, resources and industry connections that prepare their businesses to successfully enter the offshore wind supply chain.

Since launching in 2020, the network has graduated nearly 350 professionals from federal regulatory agencies, state governments, offshore wind developers, Tier 1 suppliers and other businesses critical to the offshore wind supply chain.

Educational opportunities will be offered to vendors and contractors throughout Massachusetts, with special focus on increasing women and minority owned businesses, as well as other diverse businesses, within the offshore wind supply chain. Through the delivery of the network’s educational training programs, approximately 100 different local and diverse businesses will have gained insight into the opportunities available in the offshore wind industry, and a better understanding of where their services and capabilities may align with industry needs.

Vineyard Wind 1 will begin delivering energy to Massachusetts in 2023.

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